A LinkedIn piece, produced by Lucid Creative Agency. Directed by Jared Hunter and Steven Walsh Edited by Matthew Goetz and Rumen Andonov Poem by Matt Muse featuring: Apollo XO Boi Jeanius Emily Dahlquist Emmanuel Camacho Evan Marshall Jaime Black J. A. Medcalf Silvia Tangaro Derrick C. Westbrook

Colossal creators - j.a.mEDCALF "express yourself"

Car Tunes and Cereal "Express Yourself" project is an original mural inspired by Young Chicago Authors. Find out what self-expression means to J.A.Medcalf. 

"obama out" wip by j.a.medcalf x tORRI SHAARON

Video preview of the "Obama Out" work in progress collaboration by J.A.Medcalf x Torri Shaaron. Multimedia shot and edited by Torri Shaaron. 

Paint Preview of "And they say..."