The Artrepreneur

Joseph A. Medcalf is from Grand Rapids, MI with early roots to St. Louis, MO. Proud alum of Western Michigan University, earning a B.A. in Marketing from the Haworth College of Business. Current resident of Chicago, IL and self-subscribed life enthusiast. 

Medcalf has often found various ways to channel a love for creative expression. In recent years he decided to focus on creative world around him and explore the visual arts. Fueled by a love for culture, life experiences, music and all things dope the J.A.Medcalf brand was born early 2016.

Medcalf has used his creative skills to work with key partners such as; Cap’n Crunch, Bombay Sapphire, LinkedIn and Made Magazine. As a self-proclaimed “Artrepreneur” Medcalf is on a mission to redefine what it means to be a working Artist on your own terms.

J.A.Medcalf is a mixed media Visual Artist and a lifelong creative.